What To Do With Your Leads

Congratulations; the ad you placed online was a success!

Someone willingly provided you with their…
* Name
* Email
* Phone #

… so they could receive the free training you offered them.

This is what is considered to be a lead and what you choose to do with that lead can make a huge impact on your business.

My personal business focuses on people in the Network Marketing Industry. I strive to help people who are looking for a business they can join as well as people who are currently working with a company but need help with their marketing efforts.

With that in mind; whenever I get a lead, I look at the person as someone who needs my help and I want to find out exactly how I can help them.

I especially focus my attention on someone who gives me their Phone # because providing a Phone # is always optional. I assume these people are hoping to speak with somebody so they can get their questions answered.

If we don’t place follow up calls to the people who are desperately looking for help we are wasting our leads.

When making calls to your leads, it is very important to leave YOUR agenda off the table. If you’re thinking about ways to make a commission instead of looking for ways to help another human being you’ll blow it.

Don’t worry about the money; look for ways to serve others and the money will come.

So what should you do when talking to your leads?

Keep in mind that what you are doing is interviewing the person you are speaking with to see if this person is somebody you want to work with.

Let’s face it; anyone who’s been around MLM for any period of time has had people join their team that weren’t really worth the time spent trying to help them.

So to find the people you want to work with and determine how to best serve the people you are speaking too, I recommend asking the following questions


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